Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner ecomoist 250ml

High Quality Bottle


High Quality Microfiber

Ecomoist Natural Keyboard and Mouse cleaner. 250Ml comes with High Quality Microfiber Towel. Best for Keyboards, Mouse, Pads, joysticks, game consoles etc. Green Product. Made in UK.

Product Description

The amount of dirt and grease on our electronic devices, is scary. The Ecomoist Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner has been designed to effectively clean your Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, Game sole controllers and any other electric devices used with your hands that collects grease and dirt. The Cleaner removes grease and dirt It has been formulated to be Hypo-Allergenic and Bio-Degradable. Does not cause har to your skin or body.

Safely clean all your Hi-Tech equipment from dirt and stains.

  • The complete solution for cleaning all plastic and aluminium surfaces such as Keyboards, Mouse, Pads, Joysticks, Game consoles. The Ecomoist Natural Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner has been designed to Clean all grease and dirt on the above mentioned surfaces. The product is Natural, Eco-friendly and does not cause harm to your skin.
  • Size 250 Ml bottle (Great for the office and home), will last long time, as you have to use very little to clean. For example, you can clean a normal laptop keyboard more than 750 times with this size. Need less cleaning then visit our Amazon Shop for smaller bottle sizes. The Cleaner comes with a High Quality Microfiber Towel (40cm x 40cm). The towel is thick and can absorb dirt and dust in deep edges of the keyboard. The Microfiber can be washed and reused over 400 times.
  • The Cleaner is Bio Degradable, Hypo Allergenic, Anti-Static and does not harm your skin or your devices. The Cleaner contains no Alcohol and no Ammonia which can damage your device. No harsh chemicals and no fragrance.
  • Environmental friendly and all bottles can be reused many times over again when they are empty. Please buy our refills and save the environment and money.
  • Reusable, Green product and easy to use.
  • Bottle Size :



    40 x 40 cm


    £ 13.95

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  • Weight :

    299 g

  • Dimensions :

    16.6 x 9 x 8.6 cm

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  • Brand :


No Ammoniak

No Alcohol

No Volatile Organic Compounds

No Harsh Chemicals

No Silicon

No Perfume

You have the right to know the ingredients

  • Purified Water
  • Cleaning agent derived from corn sugar and coconut oil
  • Natural anti spotting agent from corn sugar
  • Natural conditioner from components of plant oil
  • Citric Acid (food grade)
  • Natural Accruing Acid from vegetables (food grade)

Direction to use :

Please switch off the device you want to clean. Spray some cleaner on the provided towel and start cleaning the device. On keyboards and Pads please don’t use to much force and gently clean the surface. Use the dry side of the towel to remove additional streaks.

Also use for:


– Keyboards and Mouses


– All cases materials

– All digital pads

– All console joy sticks

– All printer and faxes

3 reviews for Ecomoist Natural Keyboard and Mouse cleaner. 250Ml comes with High Quality Microfiber Towel. Best for Keyboards, Mouse, Pads, joysticks, game consoles etc. Green Product. Made in UK

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    This is a amazing product. Would buy again.
    When it comes to clean my keyboard i have normally used tissues or earbuds to get those though dirt out. So I was naturally surprised at how easily the cleaner removed dirt from my keyboard. I bought this cleaning kit in the hopes that it would help in keeping my new laptop free and clear of oil stains both on the keyboard as it is a black shiny surface which is prone to getting finger prints. It is easy to use and even gives directions on how to do so if you never used a similar product before, which I found very useful.
    My laptop never looked better.

  2. :

    Working with a computer all the time I am always looking for a cleaner that is both effective and also gentle as I have a lot of allergies to different chemicals. This product sounded ideal due to its eco friendly promises as well as being hypo-allergenic. I like the packaging of this product, boxed with the bottle of cleaner and the microfibre cloth. The bottle is a good size and has a sturdy spray dispenser meaning it is easy to get a small amount out. Only a small amount is required at a time as the cleaner is effective. I also used this to clean my mobile phone and it really made it shine. I didn’t spray straight onto my device, but instead sprayed the cleaner into the cloth and used this to clean. The cloth is of good quality and really helps the cleaner to be effective. It cleaned off all my greasy finger prints. The cleaner has no real smell and once dried off leaves no residue. Very impressed with this item. Would order again.

  3. :

    5.0 out of 5 starsPerfect to keep in my desk drawer at work!
    This kit contains everything you need to give your electronics a really good clean without damaging them. I work in an office where keyboards and mice are often shared so this is really great to keep in my desk drawer to clean the keyboard and mouse before I use it. This is especially useful if someone else in the office has been ill to stop the spread of germs.
    I love that this product is green, eco friendly and totally safe for contact with your skin. A really handy and great value product.

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