Ecomoist Natural Screen Cleaner 250ml with Fine Microfiber Towel
ecomoist Natural Screen Cleaner 250ml

High Quality Bottle


High Quality Microfiber

Ecomoist Natural Screen Cleaner 250ML

Product Description

The Ecomoist® Natural Screen Cleaner has been formulated to safely clean all surfaces like:
LCD, LED, TFT, HD TV’s, Plasma, touchscreen, smartphones, TV Screens, Tablets, Keyboards and E-readers.
It comes with a Extreme High Quality Microfiber Towel. The Screen Cleaner is Bio-Degradable and Hypo-Allergenic and does not harm the coating of the mentioned surfaces. The cleaner is also Anti-Static. Environmental friendly and all bottles can be reused many times over again when they are empty. Please buy our refills and save the environment and money. Free of harsh chemicals & alcoholic substances.

  • MADE IN UK. Smart Size 250 Ml bottle (Portable Carry in Pocket) with High Quality Microfibre Cloth 40x40cm, better than wipes, good for Monitors Mobile Tablet surface, PS3, XBOX case & can be used as disc cleaning substance. More bottles sizes available in our Amazon-shop!
  • Best for Touch Electronics with Flat Screens, TFT, Big HDTV Flatscreen Plasma touchscreen, smartphones ipads Notebooks Laptops, Tablets display, Keyboards, Projector Glasses E-readers Mouse Scratch Free CD & DVD player.
  • Alcohol free liquid solution, Bio Degradable and Hypoallergenic. Does not harm the coating of your screen and is Anti static. Removes all dirt and grease and Safe for kids’ toys.
  • Excellent for cleaning keyboards and mouse. Removes all dirt and grease.
  • Environmental friendly and all spraying bottles can be reused many times over again when they are empty. Save the environment & remove the dust and fingerprint first.
  • Free of harsh chemicals & alcoholic substances. Premium Quality. This is Safe around children and pets. Applied Amazon promotion Spray Kit For TV Computer Laptop Macbook Pro LCD LED.
  • Bottle size :


  • Towel Size:

    40 cm x 40 cm

  • Retail Price £:

    £ 10.55

  • Barcode :


  • Weight

    259 g

  • Dimensions

    8 x 8 x 15 cm

  • Made in :


  • Brand:


No Ammoniak

No Alcohol

No Volatile Organic Compounds

No Harsh Chemicals

No Silicon

No Perfume

You have the right to know the ingredients

  • Purified Water
  • Cleaning agent derived from corn sugar and coconut oil
  • Natural anti spotting agent from corn sugar
  • Natural water softener
  • Natural conditioner from components of plant oil
  • Natural Accruing Acid from vegetables (food grade)

Direction to use :

        Simply spray on the microfibre towel (included in the box) and gently wipe the existing dust and stain areas of the screen.

Also use for:

a mobile

– Mobiles

lcd/led screen

– Plasma TVs

an open laptop


tablet screen

– Tablets

3 reviews for Ecomoist Natural Screen Cleaner 250ml with Fine Microfiber Towel

  1. :

    Great cleaning and non-abrasive cleaner
    I was sceptical about this product. I have tired so many products recently to clean various items with none being as half as decent as this for such a reasonable price.

    Alas having a computer case made entirely out of tempered glass (not one of my smarter buys in life) means it picks up dirt and smudges at an astonishing rate. Also goes for my screen too. This product however is the first in a while I have used that can clear the glass leaving it with a streak free finish and not worry about or have to deal with any after smell that lingers with the typical screen / window cleaner type items, lacking stronger chemicals.

    Spraying the item down then leaving the stuff to wash over the item for a few seconds then wiping away seems to does wonders. The cloth itself is of reasonable quality, though it is more for cleaning away the smudges then being able to hold a massive amount of dirt.

    Great product all around and I know keep a bottle at hand all the time. The fact its alcohol free and made in the UK is a nice bonus.

  2. :

    I was given this product as a Christmas gift and I have to say it is the best screen cleaner I have ever used. No smell or harsh chemicals and very little fluid was needed to give a streak free finish on a 55″ TV. The supplied cloth is large and of a great quality. I did remove the sewn in label from the cloth so that it couldn’t drag across the surface but apart from that this is an excellent cleaning kit which I will gladly buy back when it is empty.

  3. :

    Fantastic cleaner, streak free, 10/10 would recommend it
    Ecomoist is the best cleaner I ever used.

    Being a bit OCD I’m always cleaning my phone and monitors, and one thing that really frustrates me, is when my screen is has loads of streaks on it. A couple of sprays with a quick wipe and you’re good to go with a clean completely streak free screen.

    I see a lot of people claiming it’s a bit pricey – I’ve used this product a lot since purchasing and there’s still 3/4 of it left, it probably works out to be cheaper than other cleaners, since you only need a little bit with each application. Another thing to mention is the quality of the cloth, it’s fantastic. As you can see with my attached images (before and after) it works very well.

    Overall, whether you’re cleaning monitors, phones, tablets, windows, it will do the job and impress you.

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