ecomoist Vinyl Cleaner CD, DVD Cleaner 100ml

High Quality Bottle

Can be used over 100 times


High Quality Microfiber

Can be reused over 400 times

Ecomoist Vinyl Cleaner Kit 250ML with Fine Microfiber Towel , Made in the UK. Green product

Product Description

The Ecomoist Vinyl Cleaner has been formulated to use safely on Vinyl records, CDs, DVDs. It cleans, polishes and protects and leaves the surface sparkling clean.

  • Natural Vinyl Cleaner for all Vinyls , CDs, DVDs . Naturally Anti-Bacterial.
  • Size 250 Ml bottle comes High Quality Microfiber Towel 40cm x 40cm. Made in Britain.
  • Natural and green products, Bio Degradable and Hypo Allergenic. Use safely around children and pets. Made in Britain.
  • No Ammonia and Alcohol. Cleans and protects your Vinyl records, CDs and DVDs. Preserves surfaces that have been treated.
  • Environmental friendly and all bottles can be reused many times over again when they are empty. Please buy our refills and save the environment and money.
  • Bottle size :


  • Towel Size:

    40cm x 40 cm

  • Retail Price £:

    £ 10.95

  • Barcode :


  • Weight:

    358 g

  • Dimensions:

    16.6 x 9 x 8.6 cm

  • Made in :


  • Brand:


No Ammoniak

No Alcohol

No Volatile Organic Compounds

No Harsh Chemicals

No Silicon

No Perfume

You have the right to know the ingredients

  • Purified Water
  • Cleaning agent derived from corn sugar and coconut oil
  • Natural surfactant derived from sugar
  • Natural water softener
  • Natural conditioner from components of plant oil
  • Natural Accruing Acid from vegetables (food grade)

Direction to use :

          Simply spray a little Ecomoist Vinyl cleaner on the Microfiber towel and wipe gently the surface of the Vinyl record, CD or DVD. Use the dry side of the towel to remove additional streaks.

Where to buy

Also use for:

3 dvds

– DVDs and Blue Rays

vinyl disk


two cds

– CDs

2 reviews for Ecomoist Vinyl Cleaner Kit 250ML with Fine Microfiber Towel, Made in the UK. Green product

  1. :

    Keeping our vinyl well cared for, properly stored and clean is really important. Let’s be honest, cleaning vinyl with warm soapy water isn’t ideal and it’s a proper pain in the ass to make sure the records come out of the process clean, dry and soap scum free. That’s why I bought these vinyl cleaning kit. It comes in a cardboard box which contains a small bag with a microfibre cloth and a bottle of the cleaning solution. The solution comes with a pump action spray and a lid to keep it from leaking out.
    The kit itself is really easy to use and the instructions are easy to follow. The cleaner doesn’t smell awful either like some products can. We were really impressed with the results too and the microfibre cloth was just an added bonus. You don’t really need much of the cleaner to see a good result either. It applies easily and wipes off just as easy as it went on. Simples.
    The microfibre cloth is quite large too which is nice and the fact that it comes with a storage bag to keep the dust off the cloth is awesome. Not many companies think of things like that. We also love the fact that the cleaning kit is eco friendly. It gives you all the details about that on the outside of the box too so you can have a read if you wanted to. The storage bag also means it’s easily stowed away and kept safe.
    Overall, this is a great product for any vinyl lover who wants to clean their records.

  2. :

    fantastic cleaner for your vinyl records etc
    strangely enough there are alot of people
    who still have vinyl records i have alot of them
    especially from the 70’s and 80’s.
    i have never had a special cleaner for them before.
    i normally just wipe them over with a cloth.
    but i cleaned some records over the weekend
    as well as some cd’s and they came up looking like new again
    i was surprised at how good they now look after cleaning them with this.
    i totally recommend this product if like me you still own vinyl records

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