ecomoist Vinyl Cleaner CD, DVD Cleaner 50ml

High Quality Bottle

Can be used over 100 times


High Quality Microfiber

can be reused over 400 times

Ecomoist Vinyl Cleaner Kit 50ML with Fine Microfiber Towel, Made in the UK. Green product

Product Description

The Ecomoist Vinyl Cleaner has been formulated to use safely on Vinyl records, CDs, DVDs. It cleans, polishes and protects and leaves the surface sparkling clean.

  • Natural Vinyl Cleaner for all Vinyls, CDs, DVDs.
  • Smart Size 50 Ml bottle (carry with you everywhere) comes High Quality Microfiber Towel 20cmx20cm. Bigger bottles sizes available in our Amazon-shop!
  • Natural and green products, Bio Degradable and Hypo Allergenic. Use safely around children and pets. Made in Britain.
  • No Ammonia and Alcohol. Cleans and protects your Vinyl records, CDs and DVDs. Preserves surfaces that have been treated.
  • Environmental friendly and all bottles can be reused many times over again when they are empty. Please buy our refills and save the environment and money.
  • Bottle size :


  • Towel Size:

    21cm x 21 cm

  • Retail Price £:

    £ 6.99

  • Barcode :


  • Weight:

    82 g

  • Dimensions:

    12 x 4.8 x 4.8 cm

  • Made in :


  • Brand:


No Ammoniak

No Alcohol

No Volatile Organic Compounds

No Harsh Chemicals

No Silicon

No Perfume

You have the right to know the ingredients

  • Purified Water
  • Cleaning agent derived from corn sugar and coconut oil
  • Natural surfactant derived from sugar
  • Natural water softener
  • Natural conditioner from components of plant oil
  • Natural Accruing Acid from vegetables (food grade)

Direction to use :

          Simply spray a little Ecomoist Vinyl cleaner on the Microfiber towel and wipe gently the surface of the Vinyl record, CD or DVD. Use the dry side of the towel to remove additional streaks.

Where to buy

Also use for:

3 dvds

– DVDs and Blue Rays

vinyl disk


two cds

– CDs

4 reviews for Ecomoist Vinyl Cleaner Kit 50ML with Fine Microfiber Towel, Made in the UK. Green product

  1. :

    Brilliant to clean your vinyls!
    My ‘Vinyl Cleaner Kit 100ML with Fine Microfiber Towel , Made in the Uk. Green product’ by Ecozon LTD arrived on time and well packaged.
    The vinyl kit contains and a microfiber towel in which to wipe your vinyls with. The product works a treat, to apply just spray a small amount of the liquid onto your vinyl. Then gently wipe your vinyl using the micro fiber towel. The cleaner spray does not have any sort of smell to it and is not harsh to use.
    The cleaner works a treat and gets all the finger marks off of your vinyl. The cleaner is easy to apply to your vinyl and easy to get off.
    On the side of the box in which the kit comes in is a set of clear and easy to read instructions on how to apply and remove the spray.
    Overall this kit is ideal to clen all your old vinyls.

  2. :

    I Love it.
    We have loads of Vinyl Lp’s from yester year and love to plqay them but find that over time they do need cleaning.
    This cleaner is just the job. We cleaned the LP’s just before use and no scratching or hiccups when played.
    We also tried it on a couple of DVD’s. My grandson has a bad habbit of opening the cases and touching the discs. It cleaned them up loveley and they played without a problem.

  3. :

    Ecomoist Vinyl Cleaner Kit 50ML with Fine Microfiber Towel , Made in the UK. Green product.
    Got this mostly for the husband to use for his computer games, DVDs, & Blu-rays.
    But with also having young kids who are always wanting to watch movies or play games the discs do get smudged.
    He is more than happy with this cleaner ,the disc’s come up like brand new.
    It comes well boxed with a 50ml bottle of cleaning fluid and a microfiber towel.
    Was fast delivery.

  4. :

    Super cleaner!
    Arrived on time and was nicely packaged. It’s a nice handy cleaner and a good quality microfiber towel. I bought this as my 3 little boys always leave their mucky finger prints over their DVDs! Its quick and easy to use and has left them sparkling clean! I like the fact that its environmentally friendly and once empty I can buy a refill and reuse the bottle

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