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    Did you know that toilets & touch screens have about the same amount of germs!

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Screen Cleaner Kit and High Quality Microfiber

We use powerful green chemistry to develop really cool cleaning products.

About us

Ecomoist® was founded in 2006 with a mission to make the best cleaning products for electronic devices, Ecozon Ltd developed Ecomoist®. All our liquid products are made in the United Kingdom and has quickly become very popular among laptop, smartphone and tablet users.

The Ecomoist® Screen / LED Cleaner and Laptop Cleaner Kit has been a bestseller on Amazon.co.uk for years now. It is one the first high quality screen cleaning product developed for the emerging laptop, tablet and laptop market. The new liquid crystal displays (LCD) were susceptible to damage by the harsh cleaning chemicals generally available. The Ecomoist® cleaning solution solves the problem by delivering a safe, non-toxic fluid that cleans, protects and preserves the display.


Did you know that toilets & touch screens have about same amount of germs!?


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i Mac Screen Cleaner

Our Customers

Our products are being used by professional IT companies to single users to clean their smartphones. Our products are designed and made in the United Kingdom. We formulate, blend, fill and package our products in our own manufacturing facility in London, UK.

Our products are used by many different business sectors like:

  • Banks,
  • Government institutions,
  • Charities
  • Doctors
  • IT Companies
  • Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone developers and manufactures.

Safe Innovative Product

Ecomoist® is dedicated to deliver safe innovative products of the highest quality and best value to our customers.

We try to deliver the best Customer Service.  We also offer 100% guaranteed products satisfaction. If you have any questions or inquiries please contact us.

What is the Staingate?

Ecomoist Screen / LCD Cleaner doesn’t harm your Screen

Macbook LCD Staingate

Many Retina MacBook Pro owners have been complaining about an issue that is causing the anti-reflective display coating to wear off of their MacBook’s screen, leaving what looks like a stain Now dubbed Staingate, the issue has become so widespread that MacBook owners affected have created a website in a bid to team up against Apple and kick off a replacement or …

Pixel Burnout

Ecomoist iPhone / iPad Cleaner doesn’t harm your Screen

Dead Pixel

A dead pixel showing up on a computer screen can be very frustrating for some users. Whether you work with text, write code, or edit images, a tiny blemish on the display can cause you to read wrong or see wrong what you have in front of you. Even if not, it’s just plain annoying. That’s how it is with me. Recently a bunch of dead pixels showed up on Retina MacBook Pro’s screen

Our Customer Reviews


This stuff cleans better than anything I have tried before at cleaning screens, I would even go so far as to say it is the best cleaner I have ever used on glass. Mr Muscle is great for cleaning windows, but anything else made of glass this is a must.

BillFThis stuff is simply fantastic.
Mrs Laura J Pymont
Excellent product. Thanks. Works so well. Would highly recommend. User friendly. Easy to use with cloth provided. Go for it. Happy customers here! Have recommended product to the in law’s.
Mrs Laura J PymontBrilliant
Best LED / LED Cleaner I’ve used Screen Cleaning Spray for My Mac Book. If you’ve got young children, fingerprints on the screen are inevitable. This isn’t the cheapest LCD and TV Cleaner of the market but it is definitely the best one I have come across.
PapatoneFive Stars
This is the second one we have purchased having been impressed before. We have purchased this one for our son to use. It clears the screens amazingly well leaving no streaks. It only takes a little so the bottle will last a long time. I would have no hesitation in recommending this spray.
NannaknowsbestExtremely good



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