4 Common mistakes in screen cleaning

What we should’nt do in screen cleaning

1- Do not use anything paper-based, like paper towel, Kleenex, or toilet paper for screen cleaning. At the risk of sounding like we’re repeating the same caution over and over again–modern displays are very delicate. Paper towels are not designed for cleaning delicate surfaces, they’re designed for wiping up bacon grease and hairballs; the surface of paper towel, on a microscopic level, is fairly abrasive and can lead to buffed spots and scratches on your monitor. While the effect on image quality is rather small (but can add up over time) these scratches can attract more dirt/dust and the like, eventually the cumulative affect is lower quality image because of the dirt/dust, and it gets dirty again faster.

different types of paper towels
a dirty rag

2- ِِDon’t use general purpose cleaning rags for your lcd/ led/ laptop/ monitor/ tablet/ phone screen. In the same league as paper towels are general purpose rags from around the house. A single tiny spec of anything abrasive in the rag (e.g. a tiny sliver of metal from the garage or a hitch hiking grain of sand from a beach trip) will wreak complete havoc on your screen. By the time you’ve made a pass or two with the tainted rag, you’ve already left a scratch in the screen.

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3-   It is NOT okay to use ammonia-based and alcohol-based cleaners (such as Windex).  These kind of cleaners can strip anti-reflective coatings off screens, cause clouding, or otherwise damage the screen.

If you’d like to buy a screen cleaner without any alcohol and  ammonia, try this.

no ammonia - no alcohol
spraying on screen

4- If you decide to use a screen cleaner bottle, make sure you don’t spray it directly on the screen. That’s because drops can seep in around the bezel (and/or land in the keyboard), and, again, moisture and electronics don’t mix. What you can do is spray your solution onto the cloth, then wipe the screen. Use a circular motion, which is best for eliminating streaks, and apply only light pressure.