How to store vinyl and musical instruments

musical instruments

When you are in a coffee shop, a car, a gym, when you walk down the street, you hear music, we hear it everywhere.
In every store we enter, we hear it and we consume music more than ever, and music has become part of the daily routine of most of us.
When we go to our music library, with every song we play, the songs remind us of our different memories and moods.
Different moods like when we were happy and energetic and planning a weekend with our friends.
When we are frustrated and depressed.
Or when we say goodbye to someone we loved and chase them away.
Some people do not just listen to music and enter the field of music.
Learning music and playing it is one of the most enjoyable activities in the world that makes the musician and those who listen to it feel relaxed.
Just as a painter’s paintings are very valuable to him or a photographer’s photographs are full of memories for him, so a musician’s instrument is very important to him and they pay a lot of attention to it.

Listen to music with friends

Did you know that people who play instruments are more likely to be highly successful?
Or did you know that when you learn to play music you actually develop several skills that will help you be more successful in other areas such as college or work?
1.Because when playing music, musicians should have a high concentration. Focus on sound, speed and …
2.It helps his perseverance because at the beginning of learning any song, rhythm or chord, he has to spend a lot of time learning it and it needs a lot of repetition and practice.
3. gives a lot of discipline to a person because a good musician needs to practice regularly and continuously. And that’s the only way to succeed.
4. Musicians have more hearing than other people Because it is very important for them to have a good sound and musicians have a greater understanding of interpreting the feelings of others.
When we look at the past, we see that instruments existed from the beginning, but now they have changed shape and become more advanced.
The interesting thing is that today many people have turned to old music such as vinyl and have welcomed it unparalleled, and it can even be seen in the corners of some houses and takes you back to the past.
Given the above descriptions, you should understand how important it is to take care of musical instruments or CDs, DVDs and vinyl that contain your favourite songs.
Put these tools in a place where they are not damaged or when working with your instruments such as: piano, pitar, violin, put them in a suitable place after finishing the work, because for a musician, nothing is as important as a compromise.
Or as you know, old vinyls are more prone to wear and tear and it is very important to keep them clean.
Now, in addition to taking care of them, you should also think about cleaning them and use a substance that does not harm them.
What material have you ever used to clean instruments or vinyl?

a cleaner piano and vinyl with products ecomoist

You probably have different answers and you use different cleaning methods
But today I want to introduce you to one of the companies that has produced products to keep all kinds of musical instruments and all kinds of riffles, CDs and DVDs clean, is Ecomoist.And its unique features include that its products do not contain alcohol, ammonia, silicon, harsh chemicals and are completely environmentally friendly.
And it is very easy to work with, so you have to spray some of it on its microfiber and then on vinyl or music instruments and CDs and DVDs, and then remove the extra microfiber with the dry part.
For vinyl, CD, DVD you can use vinyl cleaner and for your musical instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, etc., keyboard and mouse cleaner .

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