Dead Pixels On Retina MacBook Pro

A dead pixel showing up on a computer screen can be very frustrating for some users. Whether you work with text, write code, or edit images, a tiny blemish on the display can cause you to read wrong or see wrong what you have in front of you. Even if not, it’s just plain annoying. That’s how it is with me.

Recently a bunch of dead pixels showed up on Retina MacBook Pro’s screen. It was actually just a dot, but not a very tiny one. However, considering the pixel density of a Retina display, a clearly visible dot has to be made up of quite a number of pixels. Eight pixels.

This is a big, very big, issue. It can easily make a full-stop mark appear like a comma, or turn it into a colon. It’s very, very, annoying to people like me. It absolutely has to get fixed.

Although I’m pretty sure it wasn’t going to help, I still rebooted, reset SMC, and reset NVRAM. Steps that AppleCare technical support on the phone would likely ask anyone to do. But it did not help. This is pretty much cut and dry a bunch of defective pixels. A repair had to be arranged.

In Singapore, we’re currently are left with two service providers who handle all of AppleCare servicing and repair work. They are QCD and A.LAB. They have, between them, a total of four service locations. Both QCD and A.LAB have an outlet in the Orchard Road area, so for somewhere convenient and central in town, one could go with either provider. Which one would it be? I decided to go with A.LAB. They are located at Plaza Singapura.

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