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High Quality Microfiber

Ecomoist 3 Microfiber Towels Pack 20cm X 20cm

Product Description

  • Best for LCD, LED, TFT, HD TV’s, Plasma, touchscreen, smartphones, TV Screens, Tablets, Keyboards, E-readers, Mouse.
  • 20cm x 20cm Microfiber Towel. Bigger sizes available in our Amazon-shop!
  • Excellent for cleaning keyboards and mouse. Removes all dirt and grease.
  • Very good for joysticks and gamepads. High Quality Microfiber Towels.

Direction To Use:

Turn off the device. If the screen is dark, it will be easier to see the areas that are dirty or greasy. Use the dry Microfiber towel and very gently wipe the screen. If the Microfiber towel did not completely remove the dirt or grease, do not press harder in an attempt to scrub if off. Pushing directly on the screen can often cause pixels to burn out. For tougher stains buy our Ecomoist Screen Cleaner kit.

  • Towel Size:

    21 cm x 21 cm

  • Number Of Towels :

    3 Towels

  • Retail Price £:

    £ 4.50

  • Barcode :


  • Weight:

    41 g

  • Dimensions:

    20 x 1 x 10 cm

  • Made in :


  • Brand:


Also use for:

a mobile

– Mobiles

lcd/led screen

– Plasma TVs

an open laptop


tablet screen

– Tablets


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