Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning Wipes

Ecomoist Cleaning Wipes 100 Pieces

The Ecomoist® Cleaning Wipes are great for cleaning electronic devices. You can use them to clean all your Tablets and computers. Its is also very good to clean Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles and devices that often accumulate a lot…

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Cleaning Wipes

Ecomoist Cleaning Wipes, Safe for use on all electronics & screen types (Macbook, iPhone, iPad and all touchscreen models)

  • MULTI USE: The Ecomoist Wipes are also great for wood and plastic surfaces like office desks, printers, fax machines and other hardware with the mentioned surfaces.
  • FREE MICROFIBER TOWEL INCLUDED: Including 1 Washable High Quality Microfiber Towel Size 20x20cm for the tougher stains and to remove additional streaks. The Towel is packed inside the container tube. Please remove the Microfibre towel first before cutting the plastic bag with the wipes.