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Making one of the best screen cleaner products on the market presents special challenges that require special training, process. We believe in making great quality products than ones that have lower standards in Quality. And making products with high quality requires the right team. We work everyday to Develop truly the best products that are magnificently effective in Cleaning with minimal impact on the Environment. Our chemists are trained in the traditional fields of chemistry and Expertise in the area of household cleaners. They are frequently seeking out new Techniques and ingredients to ensure the products we sell meet the Highest standards. Exceeding your experience is one key area of research and development, our chemists have found Natural alternatives for harsh chemicals, which gives synthetic shampoos and body washes foamy lather. We use a combination of Coconut oil and cornstarch to produce the same effect because it’s natural and without the environment impact. Its possible to make better screen cleaners in a green way, that will Protect the coating of your screens, and polish it at the same time. So why not try our products and see for yourself or have a look at our testimonials and read stories of other people who have become our trusted customers. Happy shopping and please let us know if you have any questions about our products.
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Just bought a new laptop from dell and its touch screen. Cost me a lot of money so I didn't want a cheap product that may ruin my screen, so I was very cautious in looking for a product that looked like it would do the job well but also is careful with LED/touch screens. Ordered this and came 2 days later, I can honestly say this product is absolutely amazing, I really recommend this product as if your anything like me, I always find it hard ordering something that you I don't know if it will work or not. If you need a cleaner for any type of screen then go for this one!!

DaleH Verified Purchase
Gustav M

Does a great job removing finger marks and grime from my gadgets. My daughters laptop screen had enough grease on it to fry an egg but this product brought it up like new. My only quibble would be that the cloths are a bit small. When buying a twin pack like this it would be a good idea to provide one small cloth for phones, tablets etc. and a larger one for for large screen monitors.

Gustav M Verified Purchase

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