Ecomoist® was founded in 2006 with a mission to make the best cleaning products for electronic devices, Ecozon Ltd developed Ecomoist®. All our liquid products are made in the United Kingdom,  and has quickly become very popular among laptop, smartphone and tablet users. The Ecomoist® Screen Cleaner has been a bestseller on for years now. It is one the first high quality screen-cleaning product developed for the emerging laptop, tablet and laptop market. The new liquid crystal displays (LCD) were susceptible to damage by the harsh cleaning chemicals generally available. The Ecomoist® cleaning solution solves the problem by delivering a safe, non-toxic fluid that cleans, protects and preserves the display.


No Alcohol

No Ammoniak

No Harsh Chemicals

No Perfume

No Volatile Organic Compounds

No Silicon

Our products are being used from professional IT-companies to single users to lean their smartphones. Our products are designed and made in the United Kingdom. We formulate, blend, fill and package our products in our own manufacturing facility in London, UK.

Many Industry experts use our products. We are very happy to count as our users and customers companies and institutions like Banks, Government institutions, Charities, Doctors and many famous laptop, tablet and smartphone developers and manufactures.

Ecozon Ltd and our brands, Ecomoist® is dedicated to deliver safe innovative products of the highest quality and best value to our customers.

We try to deliver the best Customer Service.  We also offer 100% guaranteed products satisfaction. if you have any questions or inquiries please contact us on [email protected].

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 Some of our amazon customers reviews


Five Stars

Amazing, leaves screens looking like new. I never realised how bad my laptop screen was until using this product to remove marks. It is great tha it is an eco product as well as I wanted to avoid anything with chemicals.


Shiny everything!

Made in the UK…No chemicals…why not give it a try,I did and yes it works great. Now I have used it on my IMac, PowerBook, keyboard using the towel dampened, TV and iPad.
Now the cat is looking worried!


Magic Cleaner
i was looking for a lcd cleaner on amazon,i read all the reviews for this product,i must admit i was some what sceptical,as this product seemed too good and too cheap to be useful.But i have to admit it actually works!!,it took all finger marks from my computer screens,i was cautious when using it on my flat screen tv,but again it did the trick,you cant go wrong with this product.


Excellent green product

Was looking for an environmentally friendly screen cleaner, and the fact that this product was made in the UK was an added incentive to try. I bought it to use primarily on an iPad screen, which becomes easily marked with fingerprints and is very noticeable due to the glossy screen. Was very impressed by this product. No streaks or smears. You do not need to use much of the spray. Friends have even commented on how clear my screen looks. I would definitely use it again and highly recommend it for cleaning an iPad screen.

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